Saturday, May 31, 2008

Reflection by yeung sui kuen

use of Web2.0

1.It lets us develop timelines, embedded with multimedia, that can be edited and updated in a collaborative way.
2. It allows users to do more than just retrieve information.
3. It supports flexible, personalised learning.
4. It can be used in library , for example Library 2.0[1] is based on the Web 2.0[2] idea, but applied and related to the library environment which encourages participation and interaction by the user with the library in an internet environment.It also can be used in our school library homepage.

use of Blogger

1.It's full of fun and user friendly
2.Students are willing to do much reading and writing outside of class,we need to make them connect what they do for fun with writing and reading and learning. Blogger can do that.
3. Blogger is a personal writing space. Easy, sharable, automatically archived.
4. Students can exercise critical thinking, take creative risks, and make sophisticated use of language and design elements.
5. It's a good place to promote library activites.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Useful Links

Using Web 2.0

I will try to use web 2.0 in our library homepage or library blog.
1. Use mindmeister to teach concept map or mind map.
2. Use delicious to provide the hyperlink or pathfinders for students.

I don't like to use blog or facebook to orqanise my portfolio because of privacy.

BY Chan Oi Lan


Web 2.0 can use in our library homepage or library blog.
1. It is good to promote the library activities, new books etc.
2. It keeps content fresh and consistent and gives students immediate access to the most current data.
3. It can create an interactive online environment include video, mind map, online reference etc.
4. It can stimulate and encourage more critical thinking.
5. We can use the mindmeister to promote our student to high order thinking.
6. It can encourage students to browse information through hyperlinks to sites on the worldwide Web.
7. It can allow students to select learning materials or directed to content that the student ability’s.

By Chan Oi Lan

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Reflection on lesson 5

Reflection on lesson 5

1. I like zoho.writer most. I find it is user-friendly and useful. I can teach my student through immediate sharing of file. That's good for writing and sharing infomation.At the same time, the user can chat with each other. As a teacher, I can have an immediate  response and correct the mistake that the student made. Besides, I like RSS. It can provide an updated list of content from a site. As a result, my blog is always updated with the news. You can also find that in our blog that is so convenience.


2. Of course. I have already suggested to the Principal so that we can have wiki updated on the net. That's is a such good idea  to promote our school and at the same time we can let other to have a better understanding of our school. Our principal is well accepted my idea.

Apart from this, blogger is good idea on teaching. On our previous assigment, I have made a blog so that the student can communicate with me through blogging. That is quite popular among student and they like to share on blog.


3. I don't like to use blog to orqanise my portfolio because of privacy. I cannot accept to post my personal particular to public.


       By Lam Wai Kwan, Sabrina

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Our goup members

There are three members in our group: Lam Wai Kwan Sabrina, Yeung Sui Kuen and Chan Oi Lan

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